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16 Best Tools for Programmers to increase productivity

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In this article, we are going to know about some best tools for programmers, which will definitely prove to enhance their productivity.

This piece of content is specially written for new programmers and web developers.

Because they literally just don’t know that some magical tools available out there to reduce their load.

Hey! you are not alone newbie fellows, we have all gone through this phase.

Based on my experience, I have listed down some programmers tools, which could be useful in web development, mobile app development, API development & security, etc.

Here is the list of best tools for programmers


CSSO (CSS Optimizer) is a CSS minifier. Actually, it is a lot more than a minifier. It minifies the CSS obviously! but it optimizes them as well.

The important feature that makes it the best is, it restructures the CSS, so it becomes as short as possible.



If you are into mobile app development, literally !this tool is not less than a boon for you.

It automatically creates all the required sizes of Icons and Splash screens for your app instantly for all major platforms.



Have you ever felt helpless while surfing through after finding a module that uses saas? if yes! this tool is for you.

It converts Sass into CSS.



It is so tough to convert a CURL commands into PHP. This tool lets you convert any CURL commands into complete PHP codes automatically.



Diffchecker, as the name suggests, is a diff tool to compare text differences between two text files.

It is very useful in the diagnosis and debugging process.



Pidoco is a wireframing tool to create fully interactive UX prototypes with drag and drop functionality.

I personally use this tool to create the project’s wireframes.



This tool lets you minify your CSS codes.

After completing a web development project it becomes necessary to optimize its CSS codes so that it could load faster. This is where this tool comes in.

It only minifies the CSS codes and manages them in a single line. It doesn’t optimize them as CSSO does.

I personally recommend you to use CSSO.



HTML codes are always supposed to be written in a formatted way. This way it becomes readable and can be diagnosed by anyone easily.

If you are dealing with pretty heavy unformatted HTML codes then this HTML formatter tool will definitely help you a lot.



This tool could help you with the maintenance work for your finished projects. It will let you un-minify the minified CSS & Js codes.

Un-minified codes are always easy to read and understand. So it becomes necessary to unminify all the minified codes while performing maintenance work.



Flaticon is the largest database for free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats.

They have a huge number of free Icons available. They also allow you to customize icons after quick registration.



Flatuicolors is a website where you can find a huge number of professional color combinations that you can use it in your website designs or in mobile UI designs.



This tool is used to validate & reformat the JSON codes.

As you all know JSON is a regular string containing data. But it is harder to read unformatted JSON.

If you are an API developer or dealing with JSON strings, this tool will definitely help you to understand them.



This tool will let you reverse or decode back to the original data which is encoded using the base64 method.

While performing the debug process this tool will help you a lot.



If you are a website designer or a Blogger, this tool is for you. It will help you with creating a logo and creatives.

Although with Canva you can create videos, presentations, resume, visiting card and much more.



Preloaders provide cool animated loaders. This site is the best on the internet when it comes to animated loaders.

You can easily customize your loaders with the help of the generator tool they provide. After you have done with your customizations you can download it in GIF, APNG & SVG formats.

You can use it on websites as well as in mobile applications.



I personally use this online image optimization tool, using this tool you can optimize jpg, jpeg, png & gif types of images.

The best part of this tool is that it generates multiple optimized results so that you can choose the desired optimization level you want.


Final words

It is always better to work smarter rather than harder. The very precious thing in today’s busy world is time, so try to save it as much as possible.

happy coding!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Thanks for sharing the list of Best Tools for Programmers to increase productivity. I love your article. The best part of such articles is, that the writer spends a lot of time searching this stuff, and come up with the best that it has. Here is a website I would like to suggest
    You must check it out. That website contains the tools related to decoding and encoding, number utilities, unit converter, developers, string utilities, converter, and IP tools under one domain. That will definitely help the users.

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    Great resources! A nice visual regester tester:

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