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  1. Seni says:

    I wonder if you could help. I am working on getting precise longitude and latitude for all the hall of resident, faculty and department in my Uni – it’s a class project and I need some guide on how to do this very quickly.
    Do kindly get in touch

    • Paritosh Pandey says:

      You could use google address api, just pass the $location variable bellow.

       $data = file_get_contents("".urlencode($location)."&sensor=true");
       $longitude = json_decode($data)->results[0]->geometry->location->lng;
       $latitude = json_decode($data)->results[0]->geometry->location->lat;

  2. Kjell-Arne says:

    Let me first shout a big thank you for your tutorials! They’s clean code, easy to understand, and not to hard following!
    I’d like to see a tut on a autorization model/library in Codeigniter.
    I have in place an authentication, but have not found, and not quite understood, a good way to hande autorizations. Ways to auto add new functions, adding/editing/removing permissons. I’m trying to read up on RBAC (role based) but have failed to get a good understanding, and have yet to find any tut i can understand.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Paritosh Pandey says:

      Hello @Kjell,

      First of all I’m very thankful to you for your appreciating words.

      as far as I understand that you want a role based CMS where new user can be created and permission can also be assigned to them, all users can work under the circumstance of their permissions. right?

      • Kjell-Arne Neshagen says:

        Basicly Yes.

        When it comes to my personal needs, i dont need a CMS, nor the need to create users, as i already have my own library in place for that.
        What i need, is a library/model to handle the level of access for each user based on their user ID when logged in.
        I’d also like the library/model to handle the creation of new permissions when a new CRUD function is created/added to the site/project, either automaticly, or in an easy manual way. Also i should handle Permissions, Roles, Roles Permissions and Roles Users.
        As i am using HVAC extention in Codeigniter, i think a Library would be better.

        I know there is a few projects like this for Codeigniter out there already, but i’d like to create my own for education and understanding purposes, but also for security reasons.

        I already have a Library for this, but it is not working the way i want, and heavy and difficult to maintain, so i’m reading up on creating a better one.

        Sorry for the length of this entry about my personal Codeigniter needs. Basicly a CMS with user permissions is what i was asking for yes. With some extra wight on the roles and permission part.

        Keep up the good work.

        • Paritosh Pandey says:

          Hello Kjell,

          I’ve sent you a mail along with codes and guidelines, for permission-based strategy.

          Thank you.

  3. pardeep says:

    hello , i am interested to publish my articles on Laravel and Vue in your website.

  4. foff says:

    i want my website to be able to display current bitcoin exchange rate .

    please help

  5. Salima says:

    Hello, I am looking for creating the Pagination with Symfony and MySql.
    Thank you in advance.

  6. ekavira says:

    Hi could you please suggest me some ideas in creating a automated itineary plan using php where user can customize a tour and itineary is generated on the basis of user inputs.

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