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Dictionaries should be free

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In the current society, education is really important and the tendency starts to show up that people are trying to get the best education quality that they can. However, in most of the countries it is impossible to get an education for free. That means that if you want to become successful in the today’s society, you will have to start paying money all the way from the first years of getting out of the kinder garden.

The thing which has also become popular among those studying at schools and colleges is learning of the foreign languages. That is a thing which is told to help you a lot in the future if you will have an ability to visit a place abroad. However, people say that even if you will not have that opportunity given to you, you will still be able to learn a lot by studying the second or third foreign language. The main argument is the fact that you will be learning about a new culture, while learning the language. You will find out about the new countries and their cultures when learning some words that do not happen to be real in your home country.

So, how does all of this apply to the topic of the text. Well, we can call many various ways of studying the languages, but one of the oldest and yet the best ways that you will find nowadays is the dictionary method. It has been proven that the method where you learn the new words is not that good for those who are just starting to learn the new language. Yet with the learning of the groups of words, and also the single ones later on in the process of studying, you can easily become pretty fluent in the language you are studying. The other great thing about the dictionary method is the fact that if you add it to the other methods, it will make the learning process way easier. Therefore, such an old and not really efficient method can still exist in the current learning variety.

So, why dictionaries should be free in the current society. Well, that is pretty simple. They are the only way which can be used by poor to learn the new languages. Yet, with the price of some advanced dictionaries, the poorer people are left without a chance to learn something a little over the basics. And many services are already trying to provide help with such works. For example, some volunteer programs are giving out dictionaries to the poor and those in need. For students many various programs exist, which help with their languages. For those looking for a job it is a little harder, as they have no time to actually learn something, because of their look for a job. Therefore, such people should try to use the cover letter writing service in order to save their time and do the stuff they actually need, while they can still study the foreign language a little later.

The other great reason for starting a free distribution of dictionaries is the fact that many foreign tourists come into the new countries with them, and they definitely require some help from the locals at most of their period of staying abroad. And the problem is that many of them do not know the local language or at least English, or the locals might not know how to communicate with the strangers. Moreover, many travellers travel around the world with literally no money, meaning that they would not be able to even get the simplest help from the locals. That brings us to the point where we can say that dictionaries are going to be useful for those travelling on a low budget. It will definitely help the tourists to stay informed in the foreign country and have some help from the people who they are going to be surrounded by. Also, that will help a lot with the getting of new friends. Even if you can communicate well with your friends from abroad, using one of the words from their language will definitely boost the morale of the group, and that will help to keep the nice relations between the friends.

The topic of friendship is actually a great reason to make dictionaries free. People, especially the new generations are going to be able to talk to the people from abroad, which is always good for both of those talking, as they are going to learn a lot of new stuff about each other cultures, and at the same time they will be able to communicate on any of the topics of the interests that both people share. Therefore, we can say that by giving out the free knowledge in general, we can easily create new ties with people all around the world. The other reason is the fact that the companies that print can easily make a portion of dictionaries to be given out for free. They will not lose that much money to care about it. Moreover, they can create a new version of a dictionary to be less advanced, and at the same time with the soft cover, which will decrease the price of producing of such a book way lower, and that will definitely boost the PR of that company and rating in the eyes of people.

To sum everything up, we can say that there is no doubt that dictionaries should be made free, and that will not bring anything bad to any of the sides. However, the modern companies are so scared to lose the money that they would never risk making such a PR move, because it requires some money invested into something which might not bring too many people in. Yet, we all know that free dictionaries will give many people a chance to know much more.

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