4 responses to “Get User’s Profile With Linkedin API Using PHP”

  1. MAnescau says:

    Hi, i can’t manage to make it work im sorry to bother u. But i have an this error :
    “Trying to get property of non-object in C:\wamp64\www\linkedin\callback.php on line 11″

    I’m not really understanding it, again i’m sorry.
    I just have a problem with this part of the code :
    ” json_decode($server_output)->access_token ”

    Can u help me understand what’s wrong.
    Ty for your time.

  2. Manescau says:

    Thanks a lot ! It works… I’m sorry for the trouble.
    Your blog is great and your reactivy is awesome !

    I hope i’ll see more good contents like this one.
    Good look and thanks again !

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